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MakuluLinux Xfce 5: The Ultimate Combination of Stability and Style

Are you tired of using Linux distributions that lack stability, speed, and a modern desktop? Look no further, because MakuluLinux 5 Xfce is here to save the day! Based on the Debian testing branch, Jessie, this user-friendly distribution offers a seamless experience with its sleek design and efficient performance.

The Evolution of MakuluLinux 5

The developer of MakuluLinux has put a lot of effort into this latest version, resulting in numerous features and improvements that truly stand out from previous releases. With dual menus, users have the option to either use the traditional whisker menu by clicking on the bottom left of their desktop, or to use the sleek mouse-driven slingshot launcher by clicking on the bottom right.

Stunning Themes and Auto-Updates

MakuluLinux 5 comes pre-compiled with hundreds of themes and wallpapers, giving users the freedom to fully customize their desktop. But that’s not all – new features also provide automatic updates for wallpapers, themes, and even icon packs, without any user interaction required. Plus, MakuluLinux now has its own centralized repository for software that cannot be found in other Debian repositories.

Impressive Changes and Additions

  • GIMP has been updated to the latest version of MyPaint 1.1.
  • Wine 1.4.1 has been replaced by version 1.6.x, offering improved compatibility for Windows programs.
  • The outdated packages Tickr, Mintstick, and XfceThemeManager have been removed for a more streamlined experience.
  • New packages, such as Alienblaster, Compiz, Emerald, Screenlets, and Iceweasel, have been added to enhance the user’s experience.

More Features You’ll Love

The revamped Makulu Installer makes installation a breeze, and the integration of Compiz enables exciting visual effects. Users can also expect to receive important news and updates via the update manager in Notepad format. And for those who prefer the previous releases, all wallpapers and themes can be backported.

Upgrade Now to MakuluLinux Xfce 5

To experience the ultimate combination of stability and style, download MakuluLinux Xfce 5 from Softpedia now!

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